Z lewej: zniszczony rosyjski most na rzece Doniec; z prawej: amerykańska przeprawa przez Wisłę (fot. TT/USArmyEURAF; TT/DefenceU)

The echoes of the Battle of Biłohorivka and the massive defeat of the Russians continue. Its symbol is the images of Putin’s army smashed into dust by Ukrainians across the Donets River. The US military commented on the confusion on Twitter, showing pictures of the bridge over the Vistula River near Dublin: “In case someone wonders what a successful ‘wet crossing’ looks like.”

SBU heard the Russians. They talked about tanks from Poland

The following conversations of the Russian soldiers were intercepted by the Ukrainian special services. The occupiers are afraid of new foreign arms supplies to Ukraine and …

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The Ukrainian side notes that Biłohorivka will be included in the history of this war as the place where the Russian forces probably suffered the greatest losses: more than 1,000 soldiers were killed and about 100 pieces of equipment were destroyed while crossing the Donets River.

Biłohorivka – the greatest defeat for the Russians?

On Thursday and Friday, the British newspaper “The Times” and the American Analytical Center of the Atlantic Council ranked the battle at Biohorivka as one of the most difficult battles in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, as confirmed by the authenticity of images from the battlefield.

Images of the broken Russian army and the destroyed bridge across the relatively narrow part of the Donets River have become symbolic. It was shown, among other things, through the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The latter was pointed out by the US military, whose command in Europe and Africa posted photos on Twitter showing what a successful river crossing should look like.

The US military mocks Putin’s army

The attached photos document the transit of NATO forces across the Vistula River as part of Exercise Defender-Europe 2022, and were taken last week. The sarcastic commentary of the US Army reads: “In case anyone wonders what a successful wet crossing looks like.”

One of the elements of the exercises was the crossing of Polish and French armored personnel carriers Rossumak over the Vistula River. The crossing was carried out using engineering subunits of the Polish Armed Forces and supporting roads and bridges of the American and Swedish forces.

On Friday, NATO tactical exercises took place near Dublin in the region. Lublin. General Jaroslav Mika, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces types, emphasized that the Defender-Europe 2022 exercises are defensive in nature and demonstrate our readiness to strive for peace.

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