Italy’s Vega Talamanca, one of the main suspects in the Catargate scandal, will remain in custody

A Belgian court has overturned a decision to remove Nicolo Vega Talamanca, one of the main defendants in the ongoing Brussels corruption investigation known as the Catargate. This means he will remain in detention awaiting trial. Vega Talamanca, who has roots in Italy, is the general secretary of one of the NGOs linked to the scandal, No Peace Without Justice.

“They caught Kayla’s dad with a bag of euros like in a cartoon.” The Danish MEP is furious

Member of the European Parliament Nils Vogelsang, who sits on the same parliamentary committee as the so-called Qatargate MEP Eva …

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Vega Talamanca is one of four people arrested in Brussels over allegations in the Catargate scandal that has rocked the European Union. The allegations relate to lobbying in favor of Qatar and Morocco, which were supposed to buy influence in the European Parliament.

Vega Talamanca, originally from Italy, is the general secretary of an NGO linked to the “No Peace Without Justice” scandal, which deals with the rule of law and human rights issues. The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office said it had won an appeal challenging the Dec. 14 decision to release a suspect from custody.

“Last Thursday Belgian The court also rejected a request for the release of former European Parliament vice-president Eva KeilaExtend her detention for a month. Kylie chose not to appeal the verdict, and spent Christmas in Haren Prison.

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