The University of Poznań, which is called “Czarnik's pet”, has no chance of developing a quantum computer

This is Poznań University of Technology.

Let's mention. In January, Marek Jizek, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education responsible for investments, announced that the ministry had decided to suspend the payment of funds for investments under 28 projects with a total value of PLN 900 million. In his opinion, during the PiS government, PLN 8 billion went to universities “politically linked” to the ruling party, of which PLN 2 billion were awarded after the losing elections. “The days of “charnik's pets” are over. Comment. Among the universities, he mentioned the Poznań University of Technology, adding that investment funds will now be allocated according to needs, not political considerations.

As Radio Poznań discovered at the time, the University of Poznań did not receive the sum of PLN 200 million in state treasury bonds, which was supposed to be allocated for the construction and equipment of the Center for New Technologies and Innovation. Law and Justice Party MP Bartlomiej Wroblowski accused the new authorities of suspending the payment of funds to the university. “This is surprising information, because even if this money, thanks to Law and Justice, had gone to Poznań, why should it be taken from Poznań. All parliamentarians from Poznań, regardless of their political views, should speak with one voice on this issue. – He said.

Radio Poznań returns to this issue. It is already known that Poznań University of Technology will not receive money for this investment. “Objectively, this is completely unacceptable” – said Science Minister Darius Wieczorek, quoted by the radio station. “It turns out that a quantum computer is being built two kilometers from the Poznań University of Technology. “So, if a quantum computer is already under construction, I don’t think I need to explain to you that building something in the same place makes no sense, and therefore this project may have already failed.” He added.

A modern quantum computer is being created at the Supercomputing and Networking Center in Poznań.

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Added: April 5, 2024 9:00 pm

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