The war in Ukraine.  Melitopol.  The first day of the fake referendum

The outbreak of the disease, which was clearly heard in the city center, was reported by Mayor Ivan Fedorov, who is loyal to the Ukrainian authorities. He assessed that on the first day of the fake referendum, the Russians wanted people not to take to the streets, so The fear caused by the explosions in the hands of the occupiers.

The cause of the outbreak is unknown. According to Fedorov Information about the victims has been created – UNIAN reported.

“The terror of the occupiers is growing,” Fedorov wrote. “At seven in the morning there was a strong explosion in Melitopol, which residents of the city center felt well. People are afraid to leave their homes.”

Fedorov He warned residents to avoid places with Russian soldiers and military equipment.

“We are collecting information, but one thing can definitely be said. Residents of Melitopol should remain as far away from Russian military equipment and soldiers as possible. Something is constantly exploding in their vicinity” – emphasized the mayor.

The self-proclaimed authorities of the so-called people’s republics established by pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk states in eastern Ukraine, They plan to hold sham referendums on September 23-27 It aims to incorporate these Russian-occupied territories into the Russian Federation. Russian rulers announced a similar intent in the partially occupied Kherson and Zaporizhia states in southern Ukraine.

The European Union has vowed to impose new sanctions on Russia in connection with the holding of “referendums” in the occupied Ukrainian territories. The United States and NATO, in turn, condemned Russia’s “vote” plans.

On Thursday, Fedorov reported that the occupiers caused an explosion in the central market of Melitopol. Six “wounded” Russian soldiers were reported. According to UNIAN – it was a provocation. According to the mayor of Melitopol, the occupiers did this in order to move forward with the fake referendum Blame the Ukrainian authorities.

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