Quantum processes in the human brain?  Amazing feedback made

The results of the analyzes are published in pages Physics Communication JournalAnd, if the authors’ reports are confirmed, it will be very important in the context of how the brain works and how to deal with its imbalances. Even the development of the most advanced quantum computers is at stake. But let’s start with exactly what the scientists did.

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We adapted an idea developed for experiments to demonstrate the existence of quantum gravity, which takes into account known quantum systems interacting with an unknown system. If the known systems become entangled, the unknown must also be a quantum system. This avoids the difficulty of finding gauges for something we know nothing about.

Kerskens . explains

Scientists paid attention to the cerebrospinal fluid, more precisely – the proton in it rotates. It can be measured by MRI and this is what was done in this case. In the course of their research, their authors note signals that appear to be caused by a heartbeat. Moreover, they believe that they were only able to observe it because the nuclear proton circulating in the brain was entangled.

The quantum processes that occur in our brains may explain why we are superior to computers in many ways

If entanglement is the only possible explanation here, it means that processes in the brain must have influenced nuclear spins, leading to entanglement between nuclear spins. As a result, we can conclude that these brain functions must be quantum.

The researcher adds

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Why is it important? If only because of the fact that these brain functions can be linked to the performance of short-term memory and consciousness. This, in turn, suggests that quantum processes are an important part of the cognitive functions of the human brain. By knowing the quantum processes going on, we can also better understand why we are more efficient than supercomputers at making decisions or acquiring new skills.

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