Drivers from this country cause most of the crashes in Tricity

Most crashes in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot are committed by Poles. This should not surprise anyone, because our compatriots are the most on the roads. Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus come next – as they are the two largest national minorities in the Tricity. Police statistics contradict the common myth that our neighbors to the east are behind most crashes in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot.

There is a theory that a buttered sandwich will always fall to the floor buttered side down. The same applies to trams and buses. When you wait for him, he always comes from the opposite direction.

Of course, this is nonsense, and psychologists explain that such a belief comes from the fact that the worst memory becomes more ingrained in human memory. How many times have we come home and said good morning, “But today I had a good day – as soon as I entered the station, my tram arrived”?

This long introduction, which explains in great simplification the mechanisms that govern our psychology, could be related to another stereotype that appears in the comments in the Tricity report, which relate to bumps and accidents.

Almost every entry relating to a road accident includes a question about the nationality of the perpetrator, along with the indication that he was definitely a 'visitor from the East'. Then another hint: definitely with a purchased driver's license.

Although xenophobic simplifications should not be discussed, I decided to make an exception and take into account data from the Road Traffic Department at the Regional Police Headquarters in Gdańsk. I asked officers about the nationalities of the perpetrators of the 2023 crash. Below are the graphics for Tricity, based on police data:

Collisions by nationality in Gdańsk

Collisions by nationality in Gdynia

Collisions by nationality in Sopot

Black and white data shows that Poles are responsible for the lion's share of accidents. There is nothing strange about this: most of us live in Tricity. In second place are the Ukrainians. Does this mean they are the “worst drivers”?

In 2022, there were approximately 200,000 people in the capital of Pomerania and the surrounding area. People from this country. Assuming that after a year, even half of them left Tricity or Poland in general, the average road accidents are still similar to the exclusively “Polish” accident.

Polish driving license only in taxis

Naturally, among Ukrainians and Belarusians – just as among Poles – there are reckless and irresponsible drivers or common criminals who get behind the wheel while drunk or without a driver's license.

Nationality itself has no effect on this. Finally, it should be noted that in order to eliminate any doubts about the legality of “Eastern” driving licenses used, for example, in taxis, the legislator is planning to make changes that will force such people to obtain a Polish document.

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