The universal soldier is 30 years old.  What happened to Dolph Lundgren?

main heroes “Global Soldier” ex Luke Devereaux (Jane Claude Van Dammeand Andrew ScottDolph Lundgren) belonging to the prototype of the military branch. Its members: half-human, half-machine, the result of a top-secret government project. He envisioned creating a perfect warrior with extraordinary abilities and strength, devoid of feelings and… memories. However, Deveraux and Scott gradually begin to remember their past, which turns out to be surprising and terrifying. As a result, they get completely out of control to wage a ruthless fight “to the death”.

Movie Roland Emmerich A massive success, grossing over $100 million in cinemas around the world, it then reignited fans when it hit the VHS market. She also had several sequels, including a few Van Damme and Lundgren roles.

However, when production was carried out, no one heralded such success. Van Damme was actually one of the biggest action stars at the time, but the same certainly wasn’t the case for Lundgren. The latter is an example of one of the most surprising film careers in history. Few people know that the great Swede is actually … a successful athlete and a cultured genius.

Lundgren trained in martial arts from an early age. In 1980-1981 he won the European Karate Championship, and in 1982 he won the Heavyweight Championship in Australia. However, like his father, he wanted to become … an engineer. He studied chemistry at Washington State University and Clemson University. He earned his bachelor’s degree from this first university. He later earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Royal Technical Institute in Stockholm.

It didn’t stop there. He holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Sydney. Thanks to his good academic results, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship, which opened the door for him to study at the most famous technical university in the world – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His IQ was definitely conducive to his great academic results. That’s up to 160 points for the Swede, which is equal in this respect, among others, with Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.

Lundgren was preparing to move to Boston, home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, when a crazy actress and singer appeared in his life. Grace Jones. They met in a nightclub in Sydney, where Lundgren worked as a security guard. At first it was her bodyguard, then her partner. This pushed him towards modeling and acting.

Thanks to Jones, he also got his first role (by the way, alongside her) – he played KGB agent Venza in the movie “Killer Show” (1985) – the last time he played James Bond Roger Moore.

Years later, Lundgren revealed that his relationship with Jones at the time was far from the norm. Gwiazdor admitted that they had group sex together several times, but added that the night games were not conducive to his acting career.

Lundgren revealed, “It just happened. With or without Grace. She would bring the girl home sometimes, but I had to get up for work the next morning. We had four or five more girls in bed than the others, I think.” The actor noted that the prospect of having sex with several women might seem exciting, provided you don’t have to rush to work in the morning. “It might sound good in theory, but when you have to get up in the morning and fight Sylvester Stalloneit’s not fun anymore ”- Rate.

Lundgren was referring to a role in “Rocky 4” (1985), which turned out to be a career breakthrough. In the film directed by Stallone, he played the Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago, who killed Apollo Creed in the ring, and then fought with the title character. After this production, it was on everyone’s lips.

The result was the first leading role. In 1987, he played the role of He-Man in “Masters of the Universe”, an adaptation of a popular cartoon. However, the film turned out to be a colossal failure. And the Swedish critics were not spared the words of criticism, noting that the only advantages of his acting were due to his physique.

Lundgren’s subsequent films – “Czerwony Scorpion” (1988) and “The Punisher” (1989) – were also box office and artistic failures. He rebuilt his career just a bit thanks to production “Hard Poker in Little Tokyo” (1991), his better times came with the success of Global Soldier. He starred in “Joshua Tree” (1993) and “Mercenaries” (1994), and in 1995 he played a preacher killer in Cyberpunk. “Johnnym Mnemonicu” Next to you Keanu Reeves.

At the end of the nineties, he began to appear – like Van Damme – in cheap erotic films intended only for the video market. Rescued from the dead end … Sylvester Stallone, who offered to participate in “indestructible” (2010), which collected the best action movie actors of the 80s and 90s. After a successful production, Lundgren also appeared in his next two sequels (2012 and 2014).

In 2015, he starred in “Kindergarten Cop 2”, the sequel to the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger From 1990. He also starred in a small role in “Ave Caesar!” Quinn brothers.

In turn, in the super production “Aquaman” (2018) playing King Nereus. She was his only queen Nicole Kidman. The actor is also expected to return as a continuation of this film – “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, whose premiere will be announced next year.

In 2018, Lundgren also returned in the role that made him famous. in the movie “Second Doctrine” He reprized the role of Ivan Drago. This time the coach of the son, who faced Adonis Creed in the ring, was the child of Apollo who killed him.

Recently, the media wrote about Lundgren not in the context of his career, but in the context of his private life. Especially since he got engaged to the Norwegian personal trainer Emma Krokdahl, who is forty years his junior. The couple got engaged in 2020.

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