"Orlęta. Grodno '39": Polish Television gave PLN 6 million for this movie!  Viewers did not go to the cinemas

He wondered if financing such films with state money was a good idea.

“The proportions in the picture are so distributed that the problem of“ Polish anti-Semitism ”comes to the fore here. This is what the director wanted to talk about? An interesting topic too, but is it true that the Polish state (among the partners, three ministries) wants to pay for this Products? – asked Marcin Wikło.

Thanks to the interrogation of the deputy from the Federation – Mikław Urbaniak – we learn that the Polish Television has allocated up to 6 million zlotys for the production of the film “Eagles. Grodno ’39”.

“Referring to the issue of financial support from the Polish National Foundation, it should be noted that it is related to the promotion of the film and was directed directly to Telewizja Polska SA. Telewizja’s financial contribution to the production of the film amounted to PLN 6 million, ”- said Deputy Minister of Culture Jaroslav Selin.

Piotr Zaremba argued in the “Rzeczpospolita” that this money is not wasted.

eaglets. Grodno ’39 is a politically incorrect film that can be attacked from various sides of political and ideological disagreement. ONR is exactly what it really was in this movie (I’m referring to Kisiel’s columns, for example). But for those who think the movie is “not Polish enough”, I will say one thing: this is a movie about the power of the Poles. Polish, after all, is not sinless, but still attractive, and bright” – argued Zaremba.

Lukas Adamski In a review for Interia, Łukaszewicz called the film “a solid war movie”.

“Often, when I leave a screening of historical cinema that was produced in Poland, I can only say: ‘This is another missed opportunity.'” eaglets. Grodno ’39 “has its flaws, but it’s a really powerful war movie, politically incorrect and appropriately brutal”, Adamski wrote.

He is responsible for directing the film and the script Krzysztof Lukaszewiczcreator of feature films Lynch And the Karbala“Żywie Biełarus!” Awarded at Polish and foreign festivals, and co-authored the screenplay for the film “General Nil”.

The music for “The Eaglets” was composed by Michał Lorenc, winner of several awards, including at the Feature Film Festival in Gdynia and the Theater Festival in Sopot.

The film is a documentary and feature film studio production in co-production with Polish Television, co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, and TVP Dystrybucja Kinowa responsible for distribution.

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