Test: Skywell ET5 - I checked whether the new SUV from China has a chance to break into the European market

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Based on stereotypes, I would immediately cross out Skywell. But the fashion for copying European models by Chinese manufacturers is over. Or at least it is limited and not very explicit. In the meantime, the Chinese began to make more and more interesting proposals, and at first glance ET5 looks just like that.

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When thinking about Chinese cars, many people might back off, remembering the terrible results of crash tests or the cliched copies of famous European models. Questionable build qualityfor example. Shuanghuan CEO. Contrary to appearances, the Chinese auto market is one of the strongest in the world, and the Chinese themselves have learned a lot over the years and started creating their own cars. However, they do not always abandon the components of the concerns we have. The passion for the European market is great and this is evident not only by the debut of the Skywell ET5, which is all about it. But let’s focus on it.

The Skywell brand itself is relatively small because Ltd. in 2017. As a separate division of Skywell Group – a bus manufacturer. Meanwhile, Skywell switched to Skyworth Auto and under that name (and designation EV6) is offered in the domestic market. In the meantime, we stayed the old way, and the name EV6for obvious reasons, can not be used.

Skywell ET5 (2022)

Trying to get a slice of the pie at the market where the crumbs seem to have eaten is a very ambitious undertaking. After all, to do them, you need strong arguments. So I was very curious about ET5, a Marcin Łobodziński remembered his first contact with the car very positively. So I say: Audit.

Maybe let’s start with the good points

Skywell ET5 is your big SUV 4.7m long, 1.9m wide and 1.7m high. Practically the same Skoda Kodiaq And a little more Mercedes EQB. Stylistically, he cannot be accused of reproducing European proposals. I would say that it looks good, albeit discreet, without unnecessary experiments. However, there was also a fashionable combination of taillights with a ribbon.

Skywell ET5 (2022)

Had it not been for the blind grill, I would have thought I was dealing with a combustion car. while Skywell ET5 electrical. The long wheelbase of 2.8 meters provides plenty of space in the back seat. length of 186 cm, It is impossible for my knees to touch the back of the front seat. Well, I can almost even put my legs on. With such dimensions, I would expect a larger, but well-shaped torso, with 467 litersAllows good use of space. It should be enough for a family.

The interior is spacious not only in the back. Up front, the glazing and all-around visibility deserve an added advantage. In a car of this size, they are neither obvious nor common. I should also mention the buttons on the driver’s side to control the passenger seat or Possibility to open the driver’s seat in the sofaFor example while waiting on the charger. But looking at the cockpit, I can not say that the designers did not follow the other cars.

Skywell ET5 (2022)

The lockable armrest is from a Mercedes, as is the physical button assembly in the center tunnel. Ford gear selector knob, ignition button and toggle switches are for Mazda. In contrast, the huge 12.8-inch multimedia screen looks like a Tesla. The speed of reaction and smoothness of work deserve praise Well presented system and graphic design.

The graphics of digital clocks are also not flimsy, unlike some Asian designs. But just look at these rugs—they look like 18th-century armchair upholstery. This is clearly a Chinese invention that would not be included in the hypothetical model in Europe, though – If someone wants, they can order it.

"carpets" She is very original

The drive also speaks of the car. The arrangement is modest in relation to the current reality, 204 HP and 320 NmBut it is enough for everyday driving – running to a hundred takes 9.6 seconds.The manufacturer offers only one set batteries With a capacity of 72 kWh, which we can charge with a fast charger with a power of up to 100 kW and travel on it up to 520 km. Approaching 500 kilometers will be possible, as long as we are limited to city trips. According to my measurements, the on-board computer showed, depending on the driving style Between 13.5 and 16 kW / 100 km. However, I will come back to pointers only later.

As for the price, some may find it debatable. ET5 base starts on Comfort From 200 thousand zlotys. Many of? In return, we get a large electric SUV with ventilated seats, adaptive cruise control, a rear-view camera, keyless access to the car, an electric tailgate, automatic air conditioning and LED lights. headlights.

Skywell ET5 (2022)

In contrast, the exquisite Luxury Edition is a normal thing 225 thousand zlotys, but here the manufacturer also adds ambient lighting with 128 colors, a sunroof, laser lights, more USB ports, a wireless charger and a 220V socket (although “English” output). Considering the additional fees, we will buy it For 206 thousand zlotys. And get a big family card – For 198 thousand zlotys.

Funding issues are not yet known. The importer is in the process of creating an offer for the recipients and building a network of showrooms and service points. I will just mention that a similarly equipped Skoda Kodiak with a 190 HP petrol engine costs money Almost 196 thousand zlotys. So the difference is symbolic. At first glance, the Skywell ET5 is a good proposition. But…

… there is still much room for improvement

Unfortunately, a good first impression Soon it was removed by a series of shortcomings. One appears after taking the driver’s seat. Although the materials used inside make a good impression from a distance, the car smells like cheap plastic. even in Dacia spring It was better in this regard. The fit of the items and the quality of workmanship are also not satisfactory and not only squeaky dashboard.

The charging hatch is rickety, as if it had no evidence at all and I had to close it. The plastic connecting the car’s open and close buttons on the key was already cracked, even though the car has Less than 8 thousand kilometers of miles. Not to mention the sea of ​​blackness of the piano mercilessly scratching itself.

But let’s move on. Despite the good vision The situation itself behind the wheel is horrific, and the reason for this is that the steering wheel is practically not set, especially in the horizontal plane. In my case, I had to decide – either to ride with my legs out, or with my arms outstretched. has not been Neither safe nor convenient.

Skywell ET5 (2022)

Regardless of the position, the steering system provides the same high steering precision as the knife knocks into butter laid in the summer sun. If you remember racing game machines, the steering wheel moves with a resistance similar to the one there. Sports mode didn’t really change anything. In contrast, suspension comfort is good, despite unnecessary stiffening, and in every hole or when crossing speed bumps, with pendants There was a scratching noise. In contrast, the characteristics of the brake pedal are similar to stepping on inflated balloon.

And while the rear seat space was previously praised, the raised floor keeps passengers there Traveling with your knees high. Multimedia also, although previously praised, quickly showed its second face. I haven’t seen jobs arranged and buried illogically as in a maze for a long time. In modern cars, I no longer expect the volume control to be a physical knob. But the necessity to enter the car settings, and then select a separate submenu for changing the volume on a narrow strip, is an exaggeration.

Regulating the power of restoring energy is also buried deep, but the search for it can be practically skipped. Between 0 and 100 percent recovery strength, the difference was as if from the front windows She wore a fly.

Each time the car is turned on after starting the car, an inductive charger is also required, and the key responsible for this, like the volume control, is buried in the depths of the multimedia system. It’s good that even though the air conditioner is relatively up front, trying to change the temperature while driving takes a lot of focus and an even section of the road.

Skywell ET5 (2022)

I have not yet returned to the power consumption indicator. At first, I was impressed with the performance of the system, and the indicators more or less coincided with the expected range. However, when I wanted to measure the “fuel consumption” on highwayThe computer was pointing 17 kWh / 100 km approx, which is practically impossible with a car of this size. The blame lies with the fact that the car is in pre-production, and possibly some other inconvenience that I was previously notified of.

Therefore, I can forgive Skywell for the lack of some functions, slightly distorted indicators of power consumption or convenience, but they do not at all explain the poor quality of materials, the terrible situation behind the wheel, the driving model or the arrangement of individual functions in the system menu.

One of my friends asked me if Skywell could be considered a Chinese version of Dacia. I do not agree with this for at least two reasons. First of all, the price of the ET5 model is good, but it does not make up for a number of shortcomings. I would like to quote from the classics of Polish cinema: “Where’s the tie here?”. Second, don’t make the car stand out from the competition. for example elegant skodaWhich not only has a larger luggage compartment, but is also made much better, and the comfort of passengers in the second row is indisputable, with similar equipment only about 10,000. PLN more expensive.

Philip Polinski

The skywell problem is not about the little things that can bother you on a daily basis. In many cases, these problems appear at the design stage. Others, in turn, may result from a slightly different peculiarity of car assembly in China and in our country. ET5 undoubtedly has its advantages, but in many respects it represents a level that is difficult for a European customer to accept. And neither luxurious models of eco-leather carpets nor “wooden” decorations in the cockpit will save him. Skywell still has a lot to learn to be able to compete on the same level with its current competitors in Europe.

general evaluation4from 10


  • nice group
  • Extensive standard equipment
  • Spacious Interior


  • Uncomfortable driving position
  • Recovery power is too weak
  • production quality
  • Smelly plastic inside
  • crushing suspension
  • plasticine routing
  • Irrational and complex multiple modes

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