March 22, 2023


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W ataku drona, przeprowadzonym przez USA w sierpniu w Afganistanie, zginęło 10 cywilów, w tym siedmioro dzieci - powiedział szef Dowództwa Centralnego USA (CENTCOM) gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie. "Był to tragiczny błąd, proszę przyjąć moją szczerą prośbę o wybaczenie" - dodał.

The United States is a “tragic mistake.” Instead of ISIS elements, the attack killed, among others, 7 children

The commander of US Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie said the drone attack, which the US carried out in August in Afghanistan, killed 10 civilians, including seven children. “It was a tragic mistake, please accept my sincere request for forgiveness,” he added.

The general stated that he was convinced at the time of the attack that “the strike prevented the (US) forces from being threatened at the airport (in Kabul).”

Our investigation revealed that this was a tragic mistake announced.

McKenzie added that he now believes it is unlikely that there were Islamic State fighters in a vehicle that was hit by a drone.

On August 28, the United States launched a drone strike in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Then the Pentagon reported that the attack had killed two important members of the Islamic State jihadist organization in Khorasan Province (IS-Ch) One was wounded.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at the time that the dead – although not part of the group’s leadership – were involved in planning and preparing for future ISIS attacks.

The attack came in response to the attack carried out by ISIS on August 26 near Kabul Airport. At least 182 people died there, including 13 American soldiers.

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