If the iPhone 13 does what the ads promise, I bow my head.  This would be a hack

When portrait mode a few years ago became the norm in smartphones, allowing digital background blurring in photos, it was clear that someone would eventually take that idea to the video world. And no, Apple was by no means the first.

The background blur function appeared in movies in 2018 in Huaweiu Mate 20 Pro, and soon after it moved to Galaxy S10 5G. Although this alternative was never available in Poland, I had the opportunity to test it in Korea and it worked like this:

Later this type of mode landed on more huaweia and samsungach, and recently a similar function has been given to OPPO Reno 6. In his case, he is considered the main marketing driver.

For several months, it was said that a similar solution could be found in iPhone 13. I was curious if it was Apple & hairsp; – & hairsp; who often comes late to the party, but adds a bit of himself & hairsp; – & hairsp; He will be able to reinvent it. The company did not disappoint.

Background blurring on iPhone 13 promises to be a new hand

So far, the principle behind this kind of job has been simple, focus on the foreground and blur everything into the background. Apple took a different path.

iPhone 13 lets you work smoothly Shift the focus point from one subject to another, which allows you to achieve real Hollywood effects. Just take a look at the promotional video.

Jasne & hairsp; – & hairsp; The film was shot by a professional camera crew using additional equipment. However, Apple ensures that the bokeh effect itself is fully implemented by the iPhone 13.

You can see flaws here and there, but without looking at the edges of things It looks great. If such scenes appeared in a television series, then perhaps no one would realize that they were recorded by phone.

both. Film mode & hairsp; – & hairsp; Because that is the name of the mentioned function in iPhone 13 & hairsp; – & hairsp; It is to record the depth map in real time and allow you to change the focus point After recording the video!

Something like this has never happened before.

simple tool? not necessarily. iPhone 13 could change the rules of the game

Small arrays provide such satisfactory image quality that a lot has already been created Film productions if Music videosthat have been registered with smartphones or using them entirely. For example, Lady Gaga’s song “Stupid Love” was immortalized on the iPhone 11 Pro.

This video quality might not satisfy the biggest fanatic, but it’s hard to call this clip ugly. However, what reveals that it was recorded with a smartphone is No shallow depth of field. The people in the foreground and background are quite sharp.

Lady Gaga's music video was recorded on an iPhone

If the operator had a professional camera at his disposal, he would probably allow himself to open the aperture and apply a nice blur to the background. In the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, this was impossible; The sensor is too small for the light entering through the lens to be scattered and generate a beautiful natural bokeh effect.

In the iPhone 13, such an effect will be implemented digitally, and the first announcements look very, very promising. Movie mode can be revolutionary.

I’m not saying that Christopher Nolan will throw away the IMAX cameras he loves and loves Another movie Register with iPhone. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if thousands of YouTubers decided to take such a step. They often stick with classic cameras largely because of the shallow depth of field that makes movies more appealing.

The photo and video industry is getting another big boost from smartphone manufacturers.

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