Anti-Semitic slogans in the May Day parade in Berlin!

Anti-Semitic slogans and calls for hatred of Jews and Israel were raised during the far-left demonstration on May 1, the Bild daily reported on Monday.

Left-wing extremists joined Samidoun, chanting anti-Semitic slogans.

Protest monitors from the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism (JFDA) reported that there were unequivocal calls for a boycott of Israel.

And on Monday, 6,300 policemen guarded the streets of Berlin. Police men. It started after 10-15 thousand people took part in 18 demonstrations. the people. The Bild newspaper reported that Palestinian flags were seen in the crowd.

The police ask for information

The police learned of these anti-Semitic slogans from their own sources and social media, and are investigating the incident

Berlin police spokeswoman Beat Ostertag commented. She also added that officers cannot be everywhere during a demonstration, so “the police would be grateful for any information.”

There is no place for extremist ideas on the streets of Berlin

– a spokesperson for the Berlin Police Association (GDP) said in a comment to Bild.

Unfortunately, it was expected that the pro-Palestinian anti-Semites would be able to join the (extremist) demonstrations and chant their slogans.

– added.

And “Bild” confirmed that during last year’s demonstration on May 1 in Berlin, calls for hatred of Jews were recorded. Also less than a month ago, in early April, a large demonstration took place through the Neukölln and Kreuzberg districts of the capital, chanting hateful slogans (“Death to the Jews! Death to Israel!” – and the officers did not intervene. The police’s behavior had been criticized by several politicians, Bild recalled, and since At that time, “the police refused to allow at least three Palestinian demonstrations.”

Jah / PAP

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