Francos |  As a dedication to Garkva

We feared for part of Thursday that it would turn into a storm in the evening. It rained in the afternoon. The weather was still stormy at the Place des Festivals in the evening: Garqua brought rain or shine to one of the biggest crowds of his career.

We knew Gargwa was at the top of his game before a single note was played. Before even setting foot in the city center, in fact. Last September, just days before her album was released Second, the team has already demonstrated impressive synergy at Esco. A few months later, on MTelus, it was small and fine, airy and heavy.

Garqua once again showed impressive poise as part of Francos on Thursday. We have evidence from the first hymns, Opening, Perfect on screen And An arsonist. We felt a little different, a little more freedom under the fingers of François Lafontaine and the sound of Louis-Jean Cormier’s guitar.

On the microphone, the singer proved particularly solid. Ferland was more in his element than Tuesday when it came to paying tribute. Rarely have we heard her sing so powerfully with her voice so powerful during the first half of the show.

Photo by Dominique Gravel, La Presse

Less chaotic than his interventions, the singer invited the audience to enjoy the present moment. “In a few months we’re going to sleep in our box, I don’t know how long,” he said, reiterating that this unexpected reunion was tentative and temporary.

What was left to do? In fact, take advantage of it. We appreciate that the group, completed by Martin Lamontagne (bass), Julien Chacot (percussion, guitar) and Stephane Bergeron, feeds our ears with its new songs (New wave, intensity, Secondetc) and emerge from his past compositions Counter (Strike and Universe!), Don’t forget And Glass paths. So dare to play a song Mary you are cryingThe quintet rarely performed in concert, Louis-Jean Cormier said.

Photo by Dominique Gravel, La Presse

Five members of Garqua at Place des Festivals on Thursday evening

Garqua has improved over time like fine wine, even without playing half of its 25-year existence, its singer joked. It’s not even pretend, it’s a fact. Second, released last fall, is the group’s best album yet. Who never played so unison, fully mastered both his rock impulses and what we like to call his ambitions. ArtFor lack of a better word.

They are artistically indebted to no one. They became a large group. No need to envy the big names of grinding and thoughtful British or American rock.

This observation was evident when listening to him sequence and create a song Sleep during the dayPresent an old song like Coup d’état Or his recent pieces, many of which owe a lot to the sonic madness of pianist François Lafontaine.

Louis-Jean Cormier ended the concert with a pang in his heart, fearing that he would never see himself again at the Blaze Desfestivals with these friends. That Garkwa invited his children to go on stage Real happiness, holds precisely another rule for itself. This summer will take the group to all the festivals around the province, wanting to warm up their amps for longer than expected.

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