The tennis star offended a Polish woman.  he did that

There is the end of the Anna Ballos and Nick Kyrgios case. The Polish woman has sued the tennis player over words he said during this year’s Wimbledon final. It is already known what judgment was rendered in court.

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The event was held with the participation of a Polish woman and Nick Kyrgios during the Wimbledon final. During the third set, the tennis player accused her of distracting him with service games.

– She’s crazy and talking to me in the middle of the game. Throw it out! Kyrgios told the judge that it looked like she had had 700 drinks. Anna Ballos decided not to leave the whole case as such and referred it to court.

“Kyrgios’ false accusations not only hurt me during the finals when I was removed from the stands, but were also repeated in the media multiple times, causing real harm to me and my loved ones,” she said in a statement.

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And the BBC announced that the case had come to an end. Nick Kyrgios apologized to a Polish woman for his comment and decided to donate to charity.

“I told the referee that the fan I now know as Anna Ballos was distracting me during the match, thinking she was drunk,” Kyrgios told the BBC.

– I agree that faith was wrong and I apologize. To compensate, she donated £20,000 to a charity supported by Ms Palos. “I will not comment on this matter again,” he added.

Nick Kyrgios won the first set in the Wimbledon final, but eventually had to admit Novak Djokovic’s superiority. Currently, the Australian is ranked 22nd in the ATP ranking.

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