The team that wants to fight is the greatest victory for me

Jacek Magera: Big words of appreciation to the team. Determination and great dedication made us win. We showed them from a pager kick from under the goal line to playing with nine men.

How could Ulinsk have succeeded in winning such a match?

We talk about passion, determination and energy all the time. You have to take care of the fundamentals, being a team. We add more details to this. We prepare differently for each match. We have a hungry team that wants to fight and this is the biggest victory for me. The most important schedule is May, but we are happy with what we have now and want to keep winning.

Maintenance already confirmed?

I don’t know. 38 points was enough to sustain the season. After 15 rounds we have 33 points. Far from being optimistic, but we are very happy about this moment and what is happening around Silesia: the turnout, that Silesia is modern and that everyone takes us seriously.

Do you regret leaving the enthusiastic Matsenko on the field?

Jehor could have been changed, but we made a different decision. After the second red card, the task definitely became more difficult. We can’t return it now. Nahuel also got a red card and we will have to cope without him.

What came to Nahuel’s mind?

This situation would not have occurred if the error had been called 10 seconds earlier. Then he was provoked, he couldn’t take it, and he got a fair red card. I do not tolerate such behavior. had become. He definitely regretted this behavior a split second later.

Are you not setting very high standards for the entire club with your sporting miracles, for example, in the context of retaining Eric Exposito in the winter?

Eric will certainly stay in Silesia for the winter. We want him to stay with us in the coming seasons and we will talk about that. We will want to strengthen the team in the winter, not weaken ourselves.

Perhaps such a win would be the perfect incentive before the international break?

Every victory builds, especially this one. Four games to go until the end of the year, we have two wins before the national holiday. Now we are facing renewal. On Friday, we have a scheduled sparring with Chrobry Głogów on Oporowska Street, and then immediately prepare for the league match to score as many points as possible in four matches in early November and December.’

Was Piotr Samek Talar’s performance very good?

Great performance: moved the ball, defended well. This is one of Piotr’s best games this season. Everyone deserves praise, without exception, but he deserves appreciation on an individual level.

What is the plan for the first half of this match? Was the team prepared for the match against Krakow or was the match a surprise for you?

Our staff suggested a strategy to me and we prepared directly for the match against Krakow. An example of this is Bigger’s pass to Olsen between Cracovia’s midfield and defensive line during a goal kick. We also wanted to change our position quickly, and we succeeded several times. We knew the second half would be completely different. Thanks to our behaviour, we were able to take three points from Krakow and that makes us even more happy.

Do you think that after this match we should announce the fight for the cup?

It’s not about statements. We have won 10 games this season and we want more. If we win, goals will follow.

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