The Survival Art Review opens the doors of the old hospital on Traugutta Street.  We were already in it [FILM, ZDJĘCIA]

Hospital in Mujahideen. Traugutt has reopened in Wrocaw thanks to the 20th edition of Survival Technical Review. Art unlocks interiors that are not available on a daily basis. In the premises of the former Wrocław Hospital on Przedmieście Oławskie, one of the most interesting architectural monuments of this function in Poland, more than 40 artists from Poland and abroad will display their works. Apart from the main exhibition, the program includes valuable tours, lectures and music events. Entry to Survival is free, but registration is required for tours

The idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcreating a hospital complex here dates back to 1850. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was rebuilt several times and eventually 10 hospital buildings remained there. The new owner, Okre Development, does not rule out demolishing some of the buildings, so during the current version of the technical review there will likely be a last chance to see the hospital function of the building. Later, according to investor announcements, apartments will be built here.

The Survival Art Review starts on Friday, June 24 It runs until Tuesday, June 28. Submission is free

The artistic event is organized under a theme that is very appropriate and adapted to the nature of the place in which it takes place, i.e. “grain”. The term, however, has many meanings. It is, among other things, a borrowing of blue and red pills from the cult film “The Matrix” and a reference to psychoactive substances that cause altered states of consciousness.

Piguła is also a story about the history of the feminists and women who served the hospital at the beginning of its establishment. In this year’s edition of Survival, the audio-visual installations are intertwined, for some, the only essence is the sound present in a way that can sometimes cause anxiety, which is also completely related to the activities previously carried out in the building. In order to strike a balance, there have been some roles that will take some time to understand and will definitely make you smile.


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