Hot skull on annoying teaser.  Netflix prepares for the December premiere of a post-apocalyptic series

The streaming giant regularly posts announcements about new products scheduled for the coming months. The latest mini-series “Hot Skull” will present a world in which people cannot cope with a terrifying epidemic.

For some time now, Netflix has shown a number of interesting and cutting-edge productions from creators of different countries – it is worth noting the Polish “Big Waters” or “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, which triumphed over audience ratings. Not only is the initial list of novelties due in November very promising – Netflix is ​​revealing more cards and preparing viewers for the next attractions.

Hot Skull is a new series developed by Turkish authors. The plot centers on a dystopian vision of a world plagued by a mysterious epidemic of madness – people contract an unknown disease through conversation. The ruthless government institution to combat the disease is unable to cope with the scale of the phenomenon, and its representatives look closely at the linguist Murat Siyavous – for unknown reasons, the man is immune to disease. After being increasingly harassed by the authorities, he decides to leave the safe zone and go to a degraded area of ​​Istanbul to find out the truth about his specific illness.

The miniseries, divided into 8 episodes, is mainly the responsibility of filmmakers from Turkey – Mert Baykal took over the direction. Stars: Osman Sonant, Sifect Koroh, Hazal Subasi, Tilpi Saran, Kubilai Tuncer, Hakan Gricek and Junka Voslatiri. The movie based on science fiction themes will premiere on December 2.

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