The surfer can't stand it.  Show the picture.  "The weight has gone down, the price has gone up" - O2

Recently, store customers have noticed changes in the base weight of many food and cosmetic products quite often. Unfortunately, these changes are not “for the better”. Due to record inflation and, among other things, constantly rising prices for raw materials, large companies decided to reduce packaging, for example, chocolate, pasta, butter or yogurt.

He couldn’t stand it, show the picture

An Internet user noticed that packages of meat for slices of turkey breast, which can be purchased at the popular Pedronka supermarket chain, were reduced by 20 grams. Mr. Marcin claims that although the weight has changed, the price has gone up anyway.

Weight decreased from 400 grams to 380 grams, and the price of the package increased – Marcin wrote on Twitter by posting a photo of meat packaging.

Twitter users in the comments mention other foods whose packaging remains Recently “the thinnest”. They also emphasized that many consumers still do not read the labels, and therefore do not notice that the packaging is shrinking a little. Among the comments we read:

Similar condition: The new version’s butter cube is only 170g! And I still remember butter in cubes of 250 grams. It was only a few years ago.

I recommend to start by looking at chocolate, ketchup, pasta, jam, cola “1 liter”, chips, mustard, vanilla cheese etc. It would be a shock.

Companies use proven visualization for people who are unable to judge a change in weight or package size if it is only a few percentage points. Hardly anyone reads the labels.

Downsizing is already used by all companies. 100 pieces of Lipton tea imperceptibly changed to 92 with an increase in the price by a few zlotys. The box appears unchanged.

This common phenomenon in English is referred to as downsizing. A good example of this is a package of marshmallows, which a few years ago weighed 500 grams, and today it usually weighs only 380 grams, this practice is often used by producers to increase profits. They reduce the weight of the product and at the same time maintain or slightly increase the old price. It also appears in the sale of butter. In the past, cubes of butter weighed 250 grams, and now some of them do not exceed 170 grams.

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