June 5, 2023


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Grzegorz Krychowiak comments on his formidable goals.  Soon nothing like

Grzegorz Krychowiak comments on his formidable goals. Soon nothing like

Grzegorz Krychowiak He scored his first two goals at the new club And what a beauty addition! The pole can now be considered in Saudi Arabia as a specialist in long shots. In just sixteen minutes he did the same thing twice A goal keeper Fayhaa. Thus, he achieved his fifth victory for the youth this season. His club won this match 2:1.

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Krychowiak briefly about his goal. “Seado”

The hero of all confusion decided to point out his achievement and briefly summarized the two goals. On his Facebook profile, he shared recordings of both actions and gave them a helpful comment. – Siado – Krychowiak frankly admitted, commenting on the first goal.

The Polish actor received many congratulations and praise under the entry. There was also cruelty. – It is a pity not to sit in the national team … – One user commented. However, this is an exception, because most netizens have expressed their appreciation and support before the next world Cup in Qatar. – 22/11, 90 minutes into the game against Mexico… hopefully. Want to see like Grzegorz Krychowiak in the frame Someone wrote.

Copy and paste action! Krishoviac’s double score

Krychowiak did not dwell on the second blow for long. – Copy + Paste, an important victory. A round of applause for the team added a young midfielder. In fact, both goals are confusingly similar to each other, although one Facebook fan appreciated the other more. – Both goals are good, but the second one is more beautiful for me – less space and time for decision-making. Bravo, let’s get on with it – he noticed. – Krishya shuts the mouths of all his critics. They can talk about the league’s weakness but no one can defend those two goals, not even Szczesny Vojtek – he admits the second goal.

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Krychowiak’s goal means Al Shabab have scored a full set of victories in the Saudi League this season. in five matches A Polish team scored 15 points and is ahead of the runners-up Al Hilal by three. We have to wait until Thursday for the next performances of our competitor. Then he hosts the pioneering youth.