Poland is better than Switzerland in the European Basketball Qualifiers

Switzerland is a continental foreign country that has not been involved in the Middle East for several decades. In September this year, Poland finished fourth in the European Basketball Championship. She was sent to the second preliminary round of the upcoming tournament due to her previous failure in the first qualifying round for the World Championships. And during the competition, she learned that she would be a co-host for the final tournament.

The result of the Poland-Switzerland match in theory does not matter much, although the defeat should be called a disgrace. After the first half there was such a threat, because, although the hosts started to lead 10-0, they went to the dressing room at 37:32 for the guests. In the third quarter, Piao Zeroni managed to knock out the opponent in a ratio of 27:8, and then they maintained their advantage until the end of the match.

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