The sky is like a Van Gogh painting.  Experts explain a mysterious phenomenon over Hawaii

This phenomenon has been recorded before Japanese Subaru Telescope on Wednesday the 18th January 2023. The instrument was observing the skies over Hawaii. At some point, a blue vortex was spotted.

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Spiral like Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Where did it come from in the sky?

Determine the source of this phenomenon skyit was not too difficult for scientists, because a similar vortex was recorded by the telescope in April 2022. “The vortex appears to be associated with the launch process the new A satellite from SpaceX,” the Japan National Astronomical Observatory reported.

This information was also confirmed by scientist Scott Tilley, who noticed that the location of the helix is ​​similar to where the Falcon 9 rocket was supposed to be a few minutes after launch. SpaceXwhich is owned by Elon Musk, has sent a satellite into space GPS to the space force United State.

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Previously, spirals were also observed after launches organized by SpaceX – even in places far from rocket launches, such as New Zealand. According to the researchers, the spiral shape is created when a Falcon 9 rocket releases unnecessary fuel during its descent into the ocean.

For many social media users, this spiral shape reminded of a painting by Vincent van Gogh. Starry Night was created in 1889 during the painter’s residency in Saint-Remy, France. This picture was created from memory, not from nature, like most of Van Gogh’s works. The original is in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA – Museum of Modern Art) in New York.

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