This receiver material does not bend to bacteria.  This is due to the unique design

Says no to bacteria and heals itself. This futuristic material owes it to metal

The future of clothing promises to be fun. While there’s a slim possibility that within a few decades we’ll have closets full of smart shirts and pants, the niche apparel niche is sure to quickly reach the first mass-produced smart materials. It does not matter if it is in sports or industry, from scientists for example Flinders UniversityHelped by professionals from USA, Australia and South Korea definitely want to be part of this revolution.

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this material of the future Created by coating it with highly conductive, low toxic, antibacterial liquid metal particles. We are talking specifically about gallium-based liquid metals, which remain liquid even at room temperature, so that they can be formed on surfaces in unconventional ways and applied to textiles by immersion.

These particles did not clog the pores of the fabric, making it breathable, and when force was applied to them, breaking the non-conductive layer based on oxygen, the particles became electrically conductive. Adding successive layers of liquid metal increased the conductivity of this texture and even ensured that conductivity was maintained even after cutting the material. This cut is not the end of the line for him because, according to the researchers, “the conductive patterns heal independently after the cut, creating new conductive pathways along the cut edge, providing the material with a self-healing function.”

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Such substances can be used in many ways, but they have the greatest potential in medicine. It could form the basis for the development of ECG electrodes for heart rhythm monitoring, as it leads along with gel electrodes available on the market. In addition, due to its antibacterial properties, the fabric can also repel Pseudomonas aeruginosa And Staphylococcus aureustwo common bacteria responsible for causing nosocomial infections known to be resistant to antibiotics.

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This is why the researchers say their futuristic material is so versatile and ideal for use in hospital settings to make antibacterial bedding and clothing for patients that can simultaneously prevent infection and monitor a patient’s heart. However, nothing is currently known about the use of these substances. All details related to it are described opposite advanced materials technologiesWhere are we going to figure this out, depending on how many layers of liquid metal the material is better at repelling bacteria.

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