Avatar recovery.  This is how mankind conquered the moon

Digital photo recovery is very popular and allows us to see details that were invisible in the original version. The Silver Globe landed on July 20, 1969. Despite the many decades that have passed since then, humanity has had no need or no way to return to the surface of our natural satellite.

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Years later, NASA intends to restore the moon, which is set to happen as part of the Artemis program. Thanks to the extraordinary skills of Andy Saunders, who began to recreate historical images, we can better feel the atmosphere of lunar missions, go back to years past and follow the Apollo program in detail we have not seen before.

Saunders is one of the world’s leading experts in digital image recovery for NASA. To this end, he used the latest technology and skills to recreate the iconic images. Thanks to his efforts, we can observe spacewalks and one of the first steps on the moon. The last time humans did this was on the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972.

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In turn, Charlie Duke, a participant in the penultimate mission of this type, who was a participant in Apollo 16, spoke about the images returned by Saunders. As he admitted, the photos fully reflect what the astronaut remembered from his trip to the moon. Interestingly enough, the man left a family photo on the Silver Globe – one of the many items placed there as memorabilia.

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