April 1, 2023


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He went shopping in Pedronca. He saw mayonnaise and took out his phone!

The Poles are already tired of the price race, and the most expensive Easter in history is coming. An example of a price hike? As we wrote, ham for the Easter table will cost 30 PLN. Yes, we are talking about the price per kilo!

The details: Meat is getting more expensive at an alarming rate

Unfortunately, it’s not just cold cuts, pâté or sausages that are supposed to cost a lot. Well-known economist Rafael Mendry went to Biedronca. What he found on the mayonnaise shelf surprised him so much that he grabbed his phone and took a picture. Show them to the Poles.

What a shock in Pedrónca!

Expensive fats and eggs, the recipe for expensive mayonnaise is ready. Add in record prices for vegetables and you know your Easter vegetable salad won’t come cheap…

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