“Anyone But You”: Sydney Sweeney in the first photo from the collection.  Premiere coming soon
Sony has released the first photo from the set of “Anyone But You,” a romantic comedy starring Sidney Sweeney and Glen Powell. By the way, we learned the new release date. The film is scheduled to arrive in US theaters on December 22, a week later than originally scheduled.

What do we know about “anyone but you”? See the first photo from the collection

In the film “Anyone But You”, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell play Bea and Ben – former classmates who come to Australia for the wedding of mutual friends. When it turns out that their former crushes are also invited, the characters decide, despite their mutual reluctance, to pretend to be a couple.

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The writers of the screenplay, loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing, are Ilana Wolpert and project director Will Gluck. The rest of the cast stars Alexandra Shipp, Gatta, Hadley Robinson, Michelle Hurd, Dermot Mulroney, Darren Barnett, and Rachel Griffiths. Sweeney also serves as executive producer.

Watch the trailer for the movie “Reality”

We recently saw Sydney Sweeney in the reality drama ‘Reality’. Watch its trailer:

Her hair is tied up in a messy bun and her eyes are glued to the screen. The yellow sneakers have no laces, and a t-shirt can be seen underneath the white shirt. The 25-year-old reality winner (played by “Euphoria” star – Sydney Sweeney) is a young translator who has her own routine. After work, she teaches yoga classes, shops for the next few days, sips iced coffee, and posts selfies on Insta. He protects himself with a sense of humor in stressful situations. Reality is full of contradictions. This was noticed by FBI agents who searched her home. The girl is suspected of printing confidential documents. However, she seems more concerned about her cat and dog, who are stressed by the presence of strange men.

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