Disney Plus in Poland!  No one should miss these products from the STAR catalog

For several days, sure All social media has been flooded with the premiere of Disney Plus in Poland. From Facebook, via Twitter and Instagram, to Tik-Tok – the entry of the huge SVOD platform into our country was very popular. When HBO Max debuted here, it wasn’t even inferior in terms of marketing. However, the strength of the brand does its job, whatever you might say.

The catalog can certainly please. We’ve been inundated with a plethora of great elements – many of the greatest classics in the history of animation, plenty of sci-fi series and suspenseful animation to come They built my childhood and the youth of my generation. This madness did not surprise me at all – it is worth noting here that apart from all these good things, access to the large STAR library appeared in Poland.

And that’s what I’d like to put on the wallpaper today. let it I will present to you ten productions from this catalogWhich you cannot pass by carelessly. It’s not that we only have productions like “The Kardashians” out there. You can find a lot of gems and I will try to prove it to you. Without prolonging the introduction, let’s move on to the first production, which you simply shouldn’t miss if you have access to D+!

The Simpsons

Could I start differently? I could not! The Simpsons story is a classic indeed, and although the series has taken a serious turn for some time and doesn’t offer as many fun and thoughtful jokes as it once did, it’s still one of the most important elements of modern television. The early seasons are still the highest level possible of satire and comedy.

broken blood

Next comes a new production about Elizabeth Holmes, as she fiercely pursues her goal (played by the formidable Amanda Seyfried), who decides to quit her studies and become one of the successful women in Silicon Valley. The path, of course, is not easy and it is certainly not for everyone, but the woman will not be late for it and work hard to achieve the goal that she has set for herself.

Wu Tang: An American Epic

The STAR catalog also includes a very interesting biographical drama that debuted in 2019. This item tells us about the formation of the legendary hip-hop group, the Wu Tang Clan. You don’t need to introduce them to fans of the genre, and those who don’t know the name of the band must have heard a lot of their songs. Real music icons and the show was really good.

Moduk Marvel

Another animated comedy – this time from the Marvel universe! The situation tells the story of the famous antagonist in a rather unusual way and presents it in a very caricature (even literally). MODOK is trying to take over the world and at the same time over his own life, which is not easy at all. Some episodes really laugh a lot. A must have for comic book lovers.

lost: lost

Classic – with a capital “K”. If you never see a LOST, make up for it ASAP. This is one of TV’s most thoughtful productions and a title that has contributed to dozens of thematic forums where fans can write their theories about the ending. We know them today, but this one isn’t much fun checking out – be sure to give it a try, and you’ll probably get involved.

Task: Elementary

Do you know how to be the best in your profession? love what you do. Then it is always easier, and the people around him will appreciate and use it. This series is about a group of these teachers – definitely by profession. When they land a job at one of the worst elementary schools in the area, their love for the profession is tested. will you survive You will discover it in true comic style. I highly recommend it!


A man who loves family life

Another adult cartoon on the list (after “The Simpsons” and “MODOK”) and other classics you just have to get to know. A wonderful stereotype of an American family with problems, which, although it seems quite strange to us, on the one hand, probably has many features that we can all perfectly recognize. A really successful approach to the topic, and cheerfulness is quite natural.

From X Archive

Among the serial productions of the STAR catalog, you can find a hit song from many years ago that gave many residents of our country sleepless nights – of course, we are talking about “X-Archive” (now I have a melody from the opening in my head – you all know it well). A very mysterious production of supernatural events that causes your hands and back to tremble. Check it out for yourself – it’s definitely worth it.

Drug Addiction

For years, you’ve come across conspiracy theories on the Internet regarding the intentional actions of big drug companies. The show itself touches on the topic, presenting it as if it were true. A quiet doctor is drawn into a major conspiracy by Big Pharma that will turn his life upside down. If you like such climates with a touch of drama, you must like it!

glass trap

In the end a small reward. Although I’ve mainly focused on series here, I’d like to point out that we’ve also gotten a lot of feature films as part of STAR. And let them act in the whole series of films from the “Glass Trap” series. Although a lot of time has passed since the first scenes came out, it’s still a great cinema, not short of the chases, explosions, and powerful scenes.

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