Ukraine: Zhelensky's "Lego" statue to raise funds

An American toy company has decided to support Ukraine in its own way, creating a portrait of President Volodymyr Zhelensky in the now-popular green outfit to raise funds.

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Citizen Brick’s initiative raised US $ 145,388, which was donated to Direct Relief to send medical supplies to Ukraine, according to the company’s Instagram page.

In addition to these statues, which sell for US $ 100, the Chicago-based company also offers small Molotov cocktails in blue and yellow under the Ukrainian flag for US $ 5.

Already out of stock on March 6, new figures of the president have been created, but have been flying since Thursday.

“We are unable to produce much as the required components are scarce. We hope you will consider donating directly to a relief or other related charity instead,” Citizen Brick posted on Instagram.

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