The second free game available on the Epic Games Store Mega Sale is likely Farming Simulator 22

21 Bit 2024, 21:41

Everything indicates that the next production that players will get for free as part of the “mega sale” on the Epic Game Store will be Farming Simulator 22.

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Epic Games has basically confirmed the giveaway Farming Simulator 22. The following entry leaves no doubt about the next freebie at EGS.

Original post (May 19)

A few days ago, the Epic Game Store launched a “Mega Sale”, under which users of the platform can not only benefit from significant discounts on various games, but also get many free titles. To start the action, players received a real gem – the RPG version of Dragon Age: Inquisition Goth. It is possible that the production of the BioWare studio will continue until May 23 – on that day, another “mystery game” will be revealed. What title will Epic Games give us this time? There have already been some leaks.

According to BelBilCon information from the website Deals, The next game that players will be able to customize their accounts will be Farming Simulator 22. The next installment in the successful farming simulation series will be available for free from May 23 (Thursday) at 5pm Polish time, although a reliably sourced informant has confirmed that there is a possibility that the title will be postponed to May 30.

The event at EGS will be an excellent opportunity to experience productions produced by Giants Software, which has a very good reputation among simulation fans. In order not to be a liar, I will mention that FS22 actually steam It has received over 50,000 so far. Reviews, 92% of which are positive.

The developer’s work from Giants Software debuted at the end of 2021. Since then, there have been several official additions. One of the latest expansions is the Premium Expansion, which added a Polish map to the game – Zielonka. Numerous modifications that significantly diversify the gameplay also contribute significantly to the success of the production. It can be downloaded from Official Website games.

Below you can watch the trailer featuring the aforementioned Zielonka.

  1. Farming Simulator – Official Website

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