Russia.  More and more Russian millionaires.  They got rich from the war in Ukraine

“number Russians with assets exceeding $1 million By 50% in 2023. It currently amounts to 21.8 thousand people, and the combined value of their capital has increased by 62 percent.”

This means that the number of dollar millionaires in the country was higher than in the difficult year 2022 for Russia (14.6 thousand) and in the pre-war year 2021, when 18.5 thousand could boast of such a status. Citizens of the Russian Federation. The number of people with capital exceeding $5 million has also increased. – In 2021 there were 3.5 thousand, in 2022 – 2.5 thousand, and in 2023 – 4.1 thousand.

Russia. Influx of “new money”

– In 2023 (…) the most important driver of financial capital growth for clients (with capital of 1 million USD or more) in Russia was the inflow of “new money”, generated by Mainly from reducing the inflow of capital from Russia– said Lyubov Prokopova, Project Director of Privileged and Private Banking at the Russian analytical and financial portal Frank RG.

Eurasianet cites Bloomberg data, which shows this In 2023, the number of Russian dollar billionaires also increasedAs well as the total value of its capital. It is mainly about people Closely linked to the Kremlin, Who make good money from the war with Ukraine.

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