It has been frozen for thousands of years.  Panagrolaimus kolymaensis came back to life and began to reproduce

About surprise Discovery and research by University of Hawaii scientists Writes the Washington Post. According to experts, the recently discovered worm may belong to a species that became extinct about 46 thousand years ago. Microscopic organism He was completely frozen.

This results in a quiescence of all metabolic processes called cryptobiosis. As scientists emphasize, we are talking, among other things, about cell reproduction, development and repair.

Scientists after several attempts I managed to bring him back to life. But it turns out that this is just the beginning of the surprises. After some time, the process of parthenogenesis began, i.e Procreation without the need for a partner.

Permafrost worm. Disagreement among scholars

The research results were described in the scientific journal PLOS Genetics. According to Live Science experts, organisms from the family Plectus murrayi and Tylenchus polyhypnus, to which the tested worm belongs, have already been revived from algae.

However, this has never been achieved with a living organism It has been dormant for thousands of years.

Expert opinions on the age of the worm are strongly divided. William Crowe of the University of Florida emphasized in an interview with the Washington Post that although the study was described in a serious scientific journal, it “may be a common nematode, Which no one has described yet“.

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