(Montreal) The scheduled strike days of June 14, 15 and 16 at 31 French language school service centers and two English language school boards have been canceled.

The decision was taken by the unions affiliated to the Federation of Public Service Workers (FEESP-CSN) due to “significant improvement in the negotiating table”.

“In the sectoral schedule, we agreed on the key elements for school support staff. CSN School Department Head Annie Charland said in a statement Tuesday evening.

According to FEESP-CSN President Natalie Arquin, the “exceptional mobilization of the school sector on May 26 and 27” caused things on the negotiating table to the extent that next week’s planned strike is no longer necessary.

The FEESP-CSN School Department unites 37 unions affiliated with the Public Service Employees Federation (FEESP-CSN), which represents 35,000 support staff, with 31 French language school service centers and 2 English language school boards.

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