February 4, 2023


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[VIDÉO] Public transport in Quebec: Kosalin supports a light metro

Jean-Franசois Kozulin, the mayoral candidate who opposed any heavy transport system for Quebec four years ago, now defends a $ 2.9 billion light metro and trombus project.

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The opposition Quebec 21 party unveiled its plan on Wednesday. It is an “automated light underground electric vehicle” (Walls) and travels 4.5 km, with a total distance of 18 km around a 13.5 km route driven by a trampoline, estimated at $ 2.925 billion.

So the political party prides itself on providing a solution for less than the $ 3.3 billion of the current tram project.

“It’s a vision for the future and is sustained for the next 100 years. Walls will be the envy of other cities. We are proposing the first milestone for future generations today. .

This is a major change for the president of Quebec 21, who, in the 2017 election, realized that there was not enough population capital to justify strong public transport, including express bus service.

The announcement takes place at the Convention Center, where the opposition leader is trying to get a big blow. Mr. Kozulin is the worst opponent of the Quebec City Streetcar project.

The structure of Quebec 21 will include network 17 stations and connect four transmission centers for connections. It will be connected to four busy metrobuses and four of the five most popular regular bus routes. It will be part of the CAQ Government’s Allocated Paths Plan.

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