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HomesportThe scandal continues in the Polish national team. The athlete revealed...

The scandal continues in the Polish national team. The athlete revealed the brutality behind the scenes. Serious accusations against the coach


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Kinga Rajda is the most successful Polish skateboarder to date. She has 138 points in the World Cup, while the second in this ranking, Nicole Kunderla, has 25 points. Third place, Karbel, scored only 10 points. So, at the beginning of March 2023 Kinga Rajda announced her decision to end her career immediately after the World Championships in Planica, It was a huge shock to the entire community. The Polish woman ranked 23rd on the big hill, which equals the best result in the history of Polish women's ski jumping.

I had already decided that this was my last competition and I thought it would have been easier for me to jump. I wanted to enjoy it, and remember it. The jumps were fun. Thank you!

~ She said right after the rally competition.

The athlete was only 22 years old at that time. Indeed, there has been a lot of talk about the terrible atmosphere in the ski jumping squad. In an interview with Interia, Rajda spoke about her breakdownWhat she went through and the problems that plagued the group and that she made the decision early on.

“Adam Males Sports Awards” exhibition in Visła. There we will see the most important achievements of the Polish jumper. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Behind the scenes brutality of the ski jumping team. Serious allegations against Krawczyk

Now, after a good few months, the Kinga Rajda topic is back. In an interview with TVB Sport, the women’s team coach Harald Rudlauer He announced that he would like her and Camila Karpel to return to ski jumping. He had to call them and try to convince them to come back. On this occasion, the skater gave a long and honest interview to the “Skoki Polska” portal, in which she revealed the brutality of the group’s work behind the scenes and made several very serious accusations against Łukasz Kruczek and Nikola Konderla, whom he allegedly favoured.

“A good example of favoritism can be seen at every competition when the coach was a delegate. In strange circumstances, I jumped in the worst conditions, variable winds or total winds, where I saved myself from falling. is this normal? For example, the FIS Cup in Szczyrk, which I can Winning over the coach's favourite. Such situations lead to a complete lack of trust in my coaches and other players. “Suits that were subject to inspection ‘at your mercy’ had to be specially sewn, or skis that didn’t make it to my competitions if I decided to stay where I was and train in the country with another coach,” Rajda said.

The former ski player went one step further.

There was Nicole Konderla training “secretly” in the hope that the rest of the group would not find out about additional training sessions at the Central Sports Center, the sports school or in the park, or trips to the wind tunnel to Sweden, apparently in particular. No one on the team proposed such an idea. What's more? A meeting half an hour before training to analyze the difference in sports scholarships from the universities where the coach was the club’s coach. The differences are in the thousands

~ Revealed in an interview with “Skoki Polska”.

How about getting back into the lineup? Clear declaration

King's raid He had already said that the last years in the national team had had a strong impact on her psyche and that she did not want to experience it again. “I don’t want to go back to the acid that destroyed me mentally,” she said.

What's more, she didn't really like Rodelware's attempt to call.

I received a message from Stefan Hula via Instagram. It is difficult to consider such proposals seriously in a situation where my phone number and email address are still listed in the Polish Ski Association. I don't want to seem like someone who doesn't respond to the coach because it's been presented that way in the media. Thank you for the new coach's interest in my return, but I don't see that possibility anymore

~ Announced the former Polish actor.

King's raid/Joe Klamar/AFP/France Press agency

Lukas Krawczyk/Marek Debas/Reporter/East News

Nicole Kunderla/Mo Yu/France Press agency

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