February 4, 2023


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The Russians separate their part of the space station.  annoying movie

The Russians separate their part of the space station. annoying movie

Recently Dmitriy RogozinThe head of the Russian Space Agency, NASA has threatened to separate the Russian units from the International Space Station, and soon the space house will fall to Earth. Rogozin’s annoyance was in response to Introducing Sanctions by Joe Biden.

– If you stop cooperating with us, no one will protect the International Space Station from uncontrolled entry into the atmosphere and collapse on the territory of the United States or … Europe. Maybe The 500-ton terminal will go to India or China. Are you taking such a risk? Rogozin wrote on Twitter.

His account is almost identical to Putin’s. He declares war on Americans in space, even though his country brutally attacked Ukraine for no reason. the authorities Russian space agency They threaten that if the Americans carry out their plans, the Russians will leave the International Space Station. Without their onboard activity and routines, the cosmic home is about to collapse to the ground.

Although at first it seemed like just another attack that won’t come true, now it’s on the web Strange footage appeared. We can see the moment when the Russian crew said goodbye to cosmonauts from other countries, and then separated the Russian part from the space house.

This entire animation looks very disturbing. Especially since it was published by the agency RIA Novosticontrolled by the Russian government. Will this vision come true? Nobody knows this, but looking from the perspective of Russia’s unexpected aggression against Ukraine, we can expect that there is a good chance of that.

Roscosmos announced some time ago that he wanted it clutter your part And build a new station or join the construction of the Chinese space station. On the other hand, the next stage of propaganda and disinformation could serve to intimidate EU countries and the US.

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