There is no need to panic

As expected by experts, in the fall there was an increase in the number of infections with SARS-CoV-2. Since the end of September, an increase in new infections has been recorded in Poland almost every day. However, compared to previous epidemic waves, the number of deaths from COVID has decreased.

COVID and sick season

We can certainly expect further increases in injuries because we have entered sick season. In any case, this increase was expected. I expect a sharp rise in injuries in the coming weeks and deaths a little bit. There won’t be as many deaths as last year, Dr. Rafai Mastawi, an evolutionary biologist from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, told PAP.

The low number of deaths – he said – as a result of vaccinations (so far about 50% of Poles have been fully vaccinated) and the fact that some people have already been exposed to COVID.

We will not expect the development of the Corona virus

As an evolutionary biologist, I can say that we are unable to predict the evolution of the coronavirus. It may be that of all the existing variants, only delta will remain, which, although less dangerous, causes infection in vaccinated people as well. But new variables can appear within the delta variable itself, we don’t know. That is why it is important to continue epidemiological monitoring, through genetics, of what is happening in Poland and in the world – said Dr. Mostoy, when asked how the coronavirus will behave in the next year and in the coming years.

In his view, the difficulties in predicting the number of deaths caused by SARS-CoV-2 are the result of, among other things, that it is unknown how many people have had COVID and acquired immunity naturally.

‘The worst is behind us’

According to the biologist, perhaps the worst is behind us. There will be more waves of infection, but they should be weaker. Don’t panic either because there are vaccines and we’ve learned a lot about treating COVID-19.

According to the expert, COVID-19 is likely to become an endemic disease (an ongoing illness, like the flu), but many of the questions about the pandemic – including whether new restrictions will be imposed – are not clear, and the discussion about the pandemic is less and less scientific.

From a social point of view, it is very important that people do not die from COVID-19. Vaccines not only reduce the risk of infection, but, above all, prevent the acute course of the disease and complications after the disease. The biologist said that those who have not been vaccinated should be persuaded.

He also added that an entirely new epidemic of another disease could emerge at any time.

– This has been talked about for decades, but no one seems to listen – the scientist noticed and concluded that any infectious disease can cause complications and none of them can be taken lightly.

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