Qutb is one of the most martyred scholars in the world

a. Ponykowski is a physician, cardiologist and director of the Institute of Cardiology at the Medical University and University Medical Hospital in Wroclaw.

I watch with interest the changes that appear in the list. I am glad that a group of Polish doctors notice that they are always here. a. I have great respect for Pyotr Rutkowski and believe it is no coincidence that heart disease and oncology are reflected in the citations. These are the most serious health challenges that medicine is currently facing.
– says the prof. Ponykovsky.

He added that among the laureates there is another person associated with the Medical University of Wroclaw – prof. Stefan Anker, who works for the Berlin Charite on a daily basis, is also a visiting professor at the University of Wrocław.

This list is part of a particular trend we’ve noticed recently at the Medical University in Wroclaw. It demonstrates the increasing prestige of the university in international rankings – the first place in Poland in the ranking of world universities, the presence in the Shanghai list, recently published by 2% in the top ranking made by Stanford University, where there were almost 30 representatives of the University of Medicine in Wroclaw. It is a series of activities that show that we are applying meaningful and remarkable science. This is very important to me, because the pursuit of excellence in the field of science is one of the priorities of this period of office.
– explains the rector of the Medical University in Wroclaw.

The first innovative treatments in Poland

It is developed in the facility Innovative treatment methods. In November of this year, specialists from the Institute of Cardiology performed the first targeted biopsies of the heart muscle of the left ventricle in Poland using an electrophysiological system in patients with suspected sarcoidosis. All this under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Carsten Tschoepe of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, is a world expert in this field and visiting professor at the Institute of Cardiology of the Medical University of Warsaw.

The university reports that such procedures are performed extremely rarely, and prof. Carsten Tschoepe, who works at one of the most famous European cardiology centers Charité in Berlin, is a world-class expert in this field. As a visiting professor at the Institute of Cardiology, he shares his vast experience with doctors from Wroclaw – he has personally performed more than 50,000 heart biopsies.

Search snippets collected using an electrophysiological system. Based on the change in the electrical signal, cardiologists created a map of the areas affected by the disease process. Thanks to this, it was possible to take the appropriate tissue section necessary for further diagnosis. The collected tissue fragments will be analyzed in a laboratory in Berlin.

These are completely unique therapies, and they are another milestone in the development of our interest in heart failure. With their leader, Dr. We have been cooperating with Carsten Tschoepe for a long time, he is a visiting professor at our university, but today he visited the University Medical Hospital in Wrocław for the first time. We have just passed another stage, which proves that we at the Medical University and Teaching University Hospital deliver what we promised: We strive towards the development of modern therapy with the international participation of colleagues from the best centers in the world, which undoubtedly includes Prof. Tschoep. Modern medicine knows no boundaries and we are proving it
– said the head of the Institute of Cardiology and Dean of the Warsaw Medical University, A.A. Pyotr Bunikovsky.

Source: Niezalezna.pl, PAP

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