January 27, 2023


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The Hubble Space Telescope has captured the rare remnant of a white dwarf supernova

The Hubble Space Telescope captured the collision of three galaxies

The Hubble Space Telescope will celebrate the mission’s 32nd anniversary this year. The device constantly provides us with amazing images from far corners of the universe. This time it is no different in the case of the image that shows the object classified under the name IC 2431.

The new image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows us not one but Three galaxies are part of a massive collision. IC 2431 is approximately 681 million light-years away. I must admit that the photo taken is very impressive. It also shows us what the aspirations of cannibals in galaxies.

Our Milky Way is no exception. We know that it has sucked up at least six other galaxies in the past and modern times These events are set. This is not the end, because a similar fate awaits Large Magellanic Cloudwhich will also be absorbed over time.

Collisions between galaxies are nothing new, but we can see them relatively rarely in the panels. The Hubble Space Telescope has taken pictures of them in the past, and it’s a good example of that A pair called Arp 282.

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