Work 2023. Changes in the IT industry – a significant decrease in job offers for game industry professionals

Regarding the demand for IT professionals, a lot has changed in the new technologies sector over the past 12 months. The number of job offers in the gaming industry has fallen by about a third, the Rzeczpospolita newspaper wrote on Friday. The journal notes that the cut also applies to suggested earnings.

As Rzeczpospolita writes, despite successive economic turmoil and frequent crisis announcements, the IT sector has been one of the most stable sectors of the labor market for a long time. However, recent months have also seen “shocks” – notes the daily, reminding in the context of IT professionals that “all Poles are envious of their profits”.

The labor market in the field of information technology

According to Unity Group’s analysis for the first half of this year, the number of job offers for experts in the video game industry increased by more than 30% during the year. decrease. “Rz” indicates that the deepest quilting, roughly half, can be seen in the Ruby programming language. Demand for Go and HTML professionals has fallen by nearly a quarter. Specialists in mobile technologies may also complain of a lack of interest. The decrease in this case is 15%.

“And this leads to a significant decrease in salaries. Analysts give an example to specialists in the HTML category, since in January a senior could count on PLN 30,000 per month, and in June such rates were only PLN 17,300,” – we read in the article .

As Michel Szoum, Head of Customer Care at Just Join IT, who has been analyzing data from the IT job market for several years, explains, Python programmers can rest assured. The reason is the continuous boom in artificial intelligence, but ironically, their salaries are not increasing. This is because supply matches demand. For several years this language has been very fashionable and has been described as future-proof, which is why we have a large pool of experienced and competent specialists on the market – says an expert from Just Join IT in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

According to the data cited by the newspaper, the number of job offers for IT analysts increased by 51 percent, and for cybersecurity experts by 40 percent.

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