Germany.  The cyclist exceeded its speed by more than 30 km / h.  Captured by a speed camera |  world News

The accident occurred on the morning of Thursday, July 14 in German The city of Ratingen in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the report the police In the Mittmann area, the cyclist passed the measuring point – the speed camera – at a speed of 62 km / h, thereby violating traffic regulations. Police resumed that “the restrictions also apply to cyclists.”

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A cyclist on the highway. The police interrupted his trip

Germany. The cyclist exceeded the speed by more than 30 km/h

RealityPolice were stunned by the fact that the two-wheeled non-motorized car was caught on a speed camera because it was traveling at twice the speed limit. The limitation in this area was 30 km / h. – Was the cyclist a wayward participant in the Tour de France or just an over-motivated recreational athlete – asked one of the officers he quotes Der Spiegel.

On that day, a speed camera set up by cops from the German traffic police passed a total of 389 drivers in three hours – 90 of them exceeded the speed limit. The uniform did not indicate if anyone was going faster than stated bicyclist.

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The cyclist will avoid the ticket

Cyclists who do not comply with traffic regulations face fines, as well as motorists. Speed ​​fine between 31 and 40 km/h in urban areas in Germany is 260 euro – At the current exchange rate, about 1,200 PLN, the motorist must also take into account two penalty points.

However, the man caught by the speed camera Ratingen will avoid punishment. The police acknowledge that it will not be possible to identify his personal details due to the lack of mandatory vehicle identification.

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