The Russian economy is in collapse.  The International Monetary Fund backs off the fake economic data

The Yale University researchers said that the Russian economy is in a state of collapse and the official statistics are “fake”. Experts criticized the International Monetary Fund, which took into account the official forecasts for Russia in its analysis.

Putin loses. The world economy no longer needs Russia

Vladimir Putin’s army is attacking Ukrainian cities after months of stagnation, with little success. But, according to experts, Russia lost …

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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Stephen Tian of the Yale Institute for Executive Leadership claim that the statistics provided by Russia’s central bank are “pure invention” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Since the invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin’s economic publications have become increasingly selective,” write the scientists quoted by the portal. In their opinion, Moscow is hiding unfavorable indicators, and “GDP is Putin’s pure invention.” The problem, the researchers say, is the reckless publication of this data, which they then rely on.Experts are indifferent to making ridiculous and unrealistically unfavorable forecasts for the Kremlin“.

“Zero vision” in the state of the Russian economy

Sonnenfeld and Tian criticized the International Monetary Fund, which takes into account official forecasts for Russia. The International Monetary Fund currently estimates that Russia’s GDP will grow by 0.7% this year, but according to Sonnenfeld and Tian, The fund’s economists privately admit they have a “zero vision” of the true state of the Russian economy.

The collapse of the Russian economy. New data on oil and gas profits is a headache for the Kremlin

Russia’s revenues from the sale of oil and gas fell below the levels of 2021, that is, before the invasion of Ukraine, for the first time, according to data …

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Estimates — other than those provided by Russian officials — indicate that the country’s economy has suffered huge losses in the past year. According to some reports Production in key sectors of the Russian economy has fallen by as much as 60 percent. – Say Sonnenfeld and Tian.

The fall of Russia

Isolation from world markets and a decline in investment in technology do not bode well for the Russian economy: according to the most pessimistic forecasts, Russia may become a failed state by the end of the decade.

Putin is losing the military war, the diplomatic war and the economic war. It cannot win the disinformation war waged by Western media and policy makers They naively fall for his bogus economic numbersthe researchers said.

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