May 28, 2023


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The Last of Us Part I is a very impressive first-person shooter. Players depend on Naughty Dog’s reaction

The first part of The Last of Us is getting better and better on personal computers, prompting recipients and creators of various mods to more creative activities. One of the more recent projects presents the iconic story from a new perspective and is met with very positive feedback.

For years, Naughty Dog has been making productions that focus on third-person gameplay, when we see the entire character during the game. This approach became PlayStation Studios’ showcase for the previous generation, as Sony’s development teams delivered many titles at TPP.

Last month, we could check out screenshots showing The Last of Us Part 1 in FPP, and now we’ve posted material showing parts of the gameplay, which looks even better. Shooting the infected is much more brutal, we can see exactly what damage we are inflicting on opponents, and the battle becomes very intense. It’s a completely different experience than what Naughty Dog has to offer.

The Last of Us Part I First Person mod is still in production, so we can’t talk about a perfect and detailed experience, but the community appreciates the moderator’s efforts. Moreover, there is no shortage of positive comments encouraging the authors of the original to set up the appropriate mode on the consoles.

We saw a similar situation in the case of GTA 5 – Rockstar, with a port setup, allowing players to run around the city in a new perspective.

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