A coalition led by the Ordinary People’s Party came to power Slovakia In the spring of 2020, after winning the parliamentary elections. By the end of the summer, the coalition had lost its majority in parliament, but the government the first show Higuera survived thanks to the support of deputies unrelated to her. On Thursday to show confidence in Government 78 deputies out of 150 in the Slovak Parliament voted.

A vote of confidence motion was submitted to Parliament by the opposition party Volno e Solidarno. In its justification, it was pointed out that the government is unable to cope with rising energy prices and inflation.

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According to the Slovak constitution, after losing a vote of confidence, the country’s president, Zuzana Šaputova, must dismiss the government.

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The Slovak government has failed to combat corruption. Several members of the ruling We Are Family party have been accused of accepting financial benefits. Igor Matović, head of the ruling OLANO party, announced that he would resign as finance minister if the opposition SaS party, which left the government in September, withdraws a motion of no confidence in the government and backs the budget plans. Reuters.

After the talks, the SaS rejected the deal, seeing the government’s collapse as inevitable.

Slovakia is divided politically and socially.

As we wrote in Gazeta.pl, pro-Russian sentiments have recently come out strongly in Slovakia, and there are significant political and social divisions in the country.

– The largest party opposed to Robert Fico, Samir, is definitely pro-Russian. It promotes the narrative that Slovakia should remain a neutral country toward the Russia-Ukraine conflict and limit itself to humanitarian, but certainly not military support for Ukraine, explained Dr. Łukasz Lewkowicz, professor of political science at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and head of the Visegrad team at the Central European Institute. In Gazeta.pl.

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The expert points out that on the far right, parties like Republika or L’SNS have a discourse similar to that of the left wing, Samir. They also talk about impartiality and not getting involved in helping the Ukrainian side. There is also a strong reluctance from NATO and the United States. In addition, far-right politicians promote pro-Russian propaganda through their social media accounts. So, in Slovakia we now have a rather strange pro-Russian coalition between the left and the far right.

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