Apple has banned Epic Games' developer account, preventing it from launching an alternative store on iOS

Apple has taken a radical step in its fight against Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite. The Cupertino-based company terminated its contract with Epic Games and banned its developer account, preventing it from accessing Apple tools and services. This means that Epic Games will not be able to update or distribute its games and apps on iOS devices.

Apple's decision is a response to Epic Games' attempt to launch its own App Store for iOS. This will be strong competition for the App Store. Epic Games wanted to take advantage of a new European Union law called the Digital Markets Act, which aims to prevent abuses by technology companies. This law prohibits companies like Apple and others from: “Forcing” developers to pay fees of up to 30% of commission on each transaction.

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Epic Games planned to exploit a loophole in the law that would allow apps to be installed from outside the official store if they were digitally signed by Apple. Epic Games wanted to obtain such a signature, claiming that it was legal and that Apple would not be able to refuse it. However, the company did not agree to such an “arrangement”, stating that Epic Games violated the terms of the development agreement, which prohibits the creation of alternative app stores for iOS.

Fortnite did not give up and filed a lawsuit against Apple in a court in Brussels, demanding the restoration of its developer account and permission to launch its iOS app store. The argument is that Apple is abusing its market position and violating EU law, which aims to promote competition and innovation. The company also cited support from other developers, such as Spotify, Netflix and Facebook, who have also criticized Apple's practices.

The case is still ongoing, and it is not known when the ruling will be announced. Meanwhile, iOS users cannot play Fortnite or use other games and apps from Epic Games. Apple and Epic Games are also locked in a legal battle in the US, where Epic Games accuses the “farmers” of violating antitrust law.

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