Lidl offers electronic labels.  This is a response to the labor shortage

Electronic posters (ESL) will appear in all Lidl stores by the end of August. Thanks to this, customers can be sure of data such as: price, country of origin, weight and promotions It is always updated – we read in the portal article.

Lidl’s electronic posters as a response to staff shortages

ESL is connected to the cargo management system. Therefore, any changes to pricing and product information will be automatically uploaded to the electronic labels.

It is very important because of this Employees will not have to print and change price lists. At the same time, this will reduce the involvement of store employees, noted.

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Environmental issues are also important. Implementing ESL will make Lidl stores use less paper and ink (up to 120 tons per year).

Where will the electronic stickers appear?

The portal reports that today more than 200 stores use electronic price lists, for example in Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw. until the end of August Lidl Polska presents them on all his points. On its website, the chain indicates that it has more than 800 stores

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