Black clouds over Daniel Obajtik.  Nowogrodzka lose patience

  • Yesterday, the Pock Concern issued a statement informing that the European Commission had agreed to postpone the deadline for implementing the so-called remedial measures necessary for the Lotos giant to take over Płock.
  • Brussels gave the green light over a year ago, but imposed harsh conditions
  • Obajtek – contrary to promises he made to Kaczyński – is not yet able to meet these conditions
  • The position of the former Pcim mayor has been waning for months. The spring series of publications started by Gazeta Wyborcza has cast a shadow over her credibility. Articles concerned doubts about the property of Obajtek
  • There is a conviction in PiS that the failure of the merger idea will be the end of the current Orlin administration. Especially since people associated with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki are eager to take up positions in this company
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Fewer and fewer people think it will work. Chiefs may fly – says our interlocutor associated with the Ministry of State Assets.

In September, Daniel Obajtik said there would be no delays regarding the integration of Orlen and Lotus. It turned out to be incorrect. Yesterday, the concern of Pock issued a statement informing the approval of the European Commission To postpone the deadline for the implementation of the so-called remedial measures necessary for the Lotos giant to take over Płock.

This is the second transformation of its kind, because originally everything was supposed to become clear in July. But it lasts longer.

Obajtek took on the merger that he feared (or did not see any benefits in) by successive government teams. He personally promised this to Yaroslav Kaczynski.

harsh conditions

In practice, it is about buying Gdańsk Lotos by Orlen so that there are no two state-controlled companies on the market competing with each other in the processing of crude oil and the sale of fuel.

However, since Orlen also operates outside Poland, as it, among other things, gas stations in Germany, the deal must be approved by the European Commission.

Brussels gave the green light more than a year ago, but has set the conditions for this. Orlen should, inter alia, sell up to 80 percent. Lotus gas stations, or about 400 points, get rid of lotus bases and gas stations.

Orlen itself should also dispose of its fuel bases in Gdańsk, Gutków, Szczecin and Bolesławiec. Lotus will also be stripped, incl. from asphalt plants.

But this is not the end. The refinery in Gdansk, one of the most modern in Europe, is of major importanceThat has been updated over the years for heavy money. The European Commission is asking Orleen to give some competitors 30 percent. Shares in this refinery. The company itself will also get half of the fuel produced there.

The company that will buy part of Lotos will be presented to the European Commission by Orlen tomorrow. will not advance. So it was granted until January 14th.

The official version is as follows: – We are in the final straight stage leading to the signing of contracts with partners. Daniel Obajtik says in the Orlin announcement that the extended deadline for submission of documents related to the implementation of the therapeutic conditions, which was established jointly with the European Commission, gives us the convenience of finalizing all the necessary formalities.

However, it is said unofficially, as everything indicates, that there are simply no people willing to buy at the price suggested by Orlen. Do you want to buy a company that is slowly declining under time pressure? – Our interlocutor related to the energy industry asks rhetorically.

Obajtek’s position weakens

Onet’s information shows that the PiS leadership is increasingly concerned about the lack of results from Daniel Obajtik’s work on the matter. A few days ago, the chief of Orlin was summoned to a meeting with the authorities of law and justice, where he had to explain his position.

The position of the former Pcim mayor has been waning for months. Spring Series Launched by “Gazeta Wyborcza” cast a shadow on its credibility. The material relates primarily to the uncertainties surrounding the ownership of Obajtek.

According to information recently collected by Wirtualna Polska, the President of Orlen is the owner or co-owner of, among others, a hotel, a mansion, three houses, two apartments, one flat and about 19 hectares of land. The entire property of the Obajtek family was estimated by WP journalists at PLN 35 million in real estate alone..

However, the threads that showed the relationship between PKK leader Orlen and former Law and Justice spokesperson Adam Hoffman And his people who have been censored in the power camp for years.

In the spring, Obajtek saved his skin, among other things thanks to the open merger between Lotus and Orlin. He claimed that the media “attacks” led to the failure of the entire deal and that the script for this story was written by the Russians.

There is a conviction in PiS that the failure of the merger idea will be the end of the current Orlin administration. Especially the people associated with Mateusz Morawiecki who has a cold Relationships with Daniel Obajtik since the president of Orlen was chosen as the next prime minister.

– Matthews employees have been excluded from PKO BP, so they are looking for their new place – says our informant associated with state-owned companies.

This team’s candidate for President Orlen will be Michał Kuczmierowski, current head of the Government’s Strategic Reserves Agency, a former Scout who collaborated with Morawiecki still at BZ WBK. However – as we hear – this concept arouses resistance to the main player in companies, i.e. Jacek Sasin, who, a moment before, expelled the head of the government from the largest Polish bank.

Sassine, deputy prime minister and head of MAP, has been a staunch supporter of Obagtec so far. This, however, may change. – If the president [Jarosław Kaczyński] He’ll give him a signal, he’ll jump Daniel’s throat. I have no doubts about it – hear in the law and justice code.

Orlin’s boss himself seems to be losing confidence from month to month. In September, he referred to the failure scenarios of his company’s merger with Lotus as “nonsense”. But he did say a few days ago that “any scenario” is being considered.

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