Corona virus in Poland.  COVID-19 vaccination survey - CSIRT KNF . warns

The cybersecurity team of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF CSIRT) warns against false vaccination surveys for COVID-19. “Criminals count PLN 500 for each completion of the questionnaire” – it was noted. Instead of receiving a few hundred zlotys, you can lose your savings.

Scammers are continuing their efforts and trying to take advantage of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The CSIRT KNF is warning of a new campaign in which cybercriminals offer money to complete a survey on vaccination against COVID-19.

“We beware of false COVID-19 vaccination surveys! Criminals promise PLN 500 per survey completion. Unfortunately, at the end of the form, we are taken to a website we know about spoofed payment card data” – we read in the CSIRT KNF entry on Twitter.

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COVID-19 vaccination survey. Warning

The entry is also accompanied by screenshots showing the content from the website prepared by the scammers. “We invite you to take part in a small survey. Created solely to improve the quality of service. We want us to know your opinion of the services provided. You will receive PLN 500 on your payment card for the trip” – we are reading on the website of the cybercriminals (original spelling).

“This is not the first time that scammers have attempted to extort money under the pretext of COVID-19,” CSIRT KNF’s Bawi Bekotowski noted. He wrote: “In previous campaigns they promised compensation, now they have prepared a fake vaccination survey. Entering data in such sites may lead to money theft.”

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