The premiere of “Kogel-mogel” was 34 years ago.  How did the actors go after the movie?

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Kondrat appeared on screen when he was 11 years old. Barrymore when he was an infant. And DiCaprio?

On January 4, the movie “The End of the World or kogel-mogel 4” premiered. This is another part of a series of films about the Solski and Wolański families. It has been almost 34 years since the premiere of the first part of the saga. Despite the passage of time, “Kogel-mogel” from 1988 is still very popular among viewers, and some texts, such as “Marian, it’s kind of fancy here”, have become cult and found their way into the vernacular of Poles. There are also tire memes from more than thirty years of production. Viewers also fell in love with the colorful characters, as well as the actors who impersonated their characters. We check out what’s going on with some of the actors.

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Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska

Błęcka-Kolska GrażynaBłęcka-Kolska Grażyna /

Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska I played the main character the movie, a rebellious Cassia who escapes from the countryside to the city to be able to attend university, instead of marrying the bachelorette her parents chose for her. The actress starred in “Koniec świat, or kogel-mogel 4” and appeared in the premiere the movie. In recent years, viewers have often been able to see it on both large and small screens. She starred in such films as “Pardon”, “Republic of Children”, “Miszmasz or kogel-mogel 3”, as well as in Series “In the Rhythm of the Heart” and “The Raven. Kzorny Voron does not sleep.”

In July 2014, the actress caused a car accident, which caused the death of her only daughter, 23-year-old Zuzana. For this, she was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years. After this tragedy, Błęcka-Kolska withdrew from public life. Later, she founded the Fabrica Senso Foundation, which aims to raise funds for scholarships for young people. Thus, the actress is trying to help develop talent, as well as immortalize her daughter.

A friend of mine suggested that I get rid of my daughter’s things because it would help me. After all, it’s impossible to get rid of 23 years of being a mother…Zozia has been and will continue to be the most important to me. (…]Neither peace nor peace. There is guilt, terrible longing … I found a good psychologist, she helped me a lot. For me the priority is the main now, as a mantra I repeat that we need to raise money for a scholarship. Perhaps Then a little joy will come – she said in an interview for “Zwierciadło” in 2016.

Iowa Kaspersky

Iowa KasperskyIowa Kaspersky /

Iowa Kaspersky In the series of films “Kogel-mogel” she played the suspicious and somewhat crazy Mrs. Wolańska. Viewers love this character for his stinging language and expressions. Kaspersky She also starred in director Anna Wieczur-Bluszcz’s latest production.

The actress is proud of her great movie. In 2021 alone, she starred in six productions. Thus we were able to see it among others in series such as; “Friends”, “M jak miłość”. “Mother’s Commissioner”. Soon, the film “Chłopi” by Dorota Kopilak, in which Kasprezyk will play Dominikowa, Jagna’s mother, will be shown in cinemas. The actress also plays a role in dramatic theater.

In 2021, she appeared with her lover Michal Kozyrsky on the TVN show “Power Couple”. It was rumored that the couple had a quiet wedding.

Iowa KasperskyEwa Kasperzyk reports rumors of a strange wedding

Zdzislaw Wardejn

Zdzislaw WardejnZdzislaw Wardejn /

Zdzisław Wardejn also appeared in the premiere of the fourth part of the film. In a production directed by Roman Zawsky, he played assistant professor Marian Volensky, who was under his wife’s heels. Zdzisław Wardejn is in the first place theater actor. Viewers can enjoy his performance as an actress on the Polish Theater and Drama stage. Arnold Szyfman in Warsaw or Imka Theatre. In 2021, he also appeared in the films “For good and bad”, “Miasto” and “Koniec świata or kogel-mogel 4”. The actor rarely appears at industry events. He is also not active on social media.

Jerzy Rogalsky

Jerzy RogalskyJerzy Rogalsky Photo by Anna Masovska / Kabif

In the 1988 production, Jerzy Rogalsky played the fiancé of the main character – Stanisław Kolasa, whom Kasia left before the wedding, refusing the marriage of convenience that her parents planned for her. The talented actor has played a lot in recent years. A wider audience has seen him in films such as “Mr. T”, “The Banks” or “The Party”. He also appeared in the movie “Miszmasz or kogel-mogel 3”. Unfortunately, we won’t see him in the final part of the movie.

Anna Miliuska

Anna MiliuskaAnna Miliuska cabife

Anna Miliuska is not only an actress, but also a poet. In the movie “Kogel-mogel” she played a ring – the mother of Pawe, the mother of the wife of the main character. Milewska can boast of a wide filmography. Poles remember her thanks for her roles in “Konopielka”, “Miss Ewa’s Madness”, “Lalka” or in “Złotopolskie”. The 90-year-old artist is currently retired. In 2019, she also played an episodic role in “M jak miłość”. A few years ago, she appeared in the series “Blonde”.

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