November 29, 2022


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On Russian television they compete madly.  You Won't Believe What That Woman Said - O2

On Russian television they compete madly. You Won’t Believe What That Woman Said – O2

One of the most famous programs of Rossija 1 is the talk show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyev”. Its host is a pro-Kremlin advocate who makes scandalous statements about, among other things, Ukraine, the United States or NATO. Moreover, he invites guests who are not the best to the program.

In the latest version of the program, Margarita Simonyan came to the studio. She is the 42-year-old president of RT (formerly Russia Today). Julia Davis, a specialist in Russian propaganda, posted part of her speech on Twitter. Thanks to this, we know how Simonyan absurdly explained why it takes so long to attack Ukraine.

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Why did the war not end after three days if possible? Of course it can, said Dmitry Rogozin (head of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos – editor’s note), Simonyan began.

Rogozin said a single Sarmatian missile strike would wipe out half of the coast of a “large continent”. Simonyan is convinced that Russia can deal with Ukraine in this way, but it has not. a reason?

Because we are doing a “special military operation”, so this is not a war. We feel sorry for the people there. We are aware that there (Editor in Ukraine) many of our people are hostages of others. They have no inscriptions for who they are. We’ll find out later. We cannot separate one from the other and multiply them by the Sarmatians. We are the ones who will have to rebuild the liberated lands that actually belong to us. She said, I’m not afraid to use that word.