The Polish regime itself is not forgotten.  Accountants have a problem with the reduced amount of tax

“Dzinik Gazeta Brawna” wrote about the issue, stressing that it is annual Limit In the amount of 3.6 thousand Polish zlotys. PLN is the sum of 12 amounts that reduce the monthly amount advance For tax (300 PLN each month). But some workers have already crossed it in October.

Confused with the tax reduced amount limit

DGP notes this This is the effect of the changes introduced with Governance Polish 2.0. In June, the government lowered the tax rate for the first threshold (that is, for those earning from PLN 30,000 to PLN 120,000) from 17 to 12 percent. However, the annual amount of tax-exempt income has not changed And still 30,000. zlotys.

The consequence of lowering the tax rate was also a decrease in the amount which reduces the tax. Prior to that, it amounted to 425 PLN per month, which is 5.1 thousand PLN. annually. This amount is 17 percent. From 30 thousand zlotys. Thus, the amount has now “shrinked” to 300 PLN (3,600 PLN being 12% of 30,000 PLN). Importantly, the latter amount applies to the entire year of 2022.

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The problem is For the first half of the year, the accountants deducted PLN 425 each month, so they have already debited more than PLN 3.6 in 10 months of 2022. Zlotys (Exactly 3750 PLN). Now they have a conundrum as to whether they should continue to charge the monthly diminishing amount.

The payers must continue to reduce the advance payment by PLN 300 for all employeesWho introduced PIT-2. It doesn’t matter that everything is a given employee Advance payments have already been reduced by PLN 3,600 – says Majurzata Samborska, tax advisor, partner at Grant Thornton, in an interview with “DGP”.

The Polish system continues to make life difficult

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