RTX 3080 is out of date, optical processors will be hundreds of times faster
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December 20, 2021, 15:22

An optical processor can solve complex mathematical tasks hundreds of times faster than the most efficient graphics cards. Cryptocurrency Companies Do You Already Like It?

Quick overview:

  • Lightelligence introduces the new PACE Photonic Silicon processor;
  • In 2022, Lightelligence will launch mass production for its partners;
  • In 2023, the deal will go on the market.

company Lightening reach About creating a wizard that uses optical phenomena to work, which It can perform certain calculations up to 100 times faster than the most efficient graphics systems like GeForce RTX 3080. A platform called PACE (Optical Computational Computing Engine) aims to solve specific mathematical tasks, defined as challenging (or NP), although I get the impression that factories would also like to see it in their crypto farms.

The PACE processor consists of 12 thousand. Photonic elements and operates at a clock speed of 1 GHz. This is a big step up from the previous Lightelligence comet. It had only 100 devices and a clock speed of 100 kHz. The optical part consists of Special cables called waveguides (produced using standard CMOS processes), on which modified infrared light is directed. Cao is energy-saving and does not emit high temperatures.

The advantage of the PACE processor over conventional processors is the use of light to operate on matrices. In such an application, the optical processor shows significantly lower latency. Arithmetic problems such as the traveling salesman and the Ising model (See box) Of great complexity, they can be calculated much more efficiently than in the case of electronic systems. Dr. Yichen Shen, Founder and CEO of Lightelligence, says on PACE Optics:

PACE proves that our integration of optical and electronic chips into a tiny 3D chip does what we aimed to deliver unprecedented computing power on a compact, energy-efficient, low-temperature, Moore’s-law platform.

Next year, serial production of the chip placed on the PCIe board will be launched. It will be the main task of the device AI face support. It will go mainly to the company’s partners, and in 2023 it is planned to introduce the device to a wider market.

NP . problem A term related to computational complexity theory. An NP (non-deterministic polynomial) problem is a decision problem whose solution can be verified in polynomial time (that is, quickly and efficiently enough).

model level A model used in statistical mathematics in the search for phase transitions. It belongs to the group of NP problems.

peddler A mathematical problem that involves calculating the optimal path in the distance between points, assuming that each can be visited only once.

The race continues to work on new algorithms. Quantum technology seems to be the most unusual path:

Old RTX 3080, optical processors with

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